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We Care for Your Health as Much as You Do

Get your dose of preventative health care at Oak Lane Pharmacy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  With our more than 50 years of combined industry experience, you will never go wrong in choosing us as your trusted clinical pharmacy.


What We Do

Contradictory to the belief that a pharmacy is the last stop when it comes to health care, our retail clinic has gained the reputation as the principal patient care provider in our area. Our clinic offers a relaxing and stress-free environment where anybody of age who needs our services is welcome.

What We Offer

To help patients get their prescriptions even when at home, we offer free pickup and delivery services. We also provide consultations to the elderly, recently discharged, or critically ill patients. Our clinic also offers simple medical and diagnostic procedures, such as blood pressure screening, and vaccine administration.

Evaluating Your Medications

Our pharmacists have been in the industry for a long time to know exactly what's right for you. We offer evaluation services of your prescription and over-the-counter medication and herbs to help you decide what suits your health best. You must understand why it is important to avoid drug or herbal interactions, and we're here to guide you.

Additional Services

Apart from convenient care, our private clinic and pharmacy also offers other public services. Visit us to get discount greeting cards, as well as  copy and fax services.